There is a large variety of headset styles available on the market today, so literally no single headset will fulfill all applications required. Some headsets are shown on this website, but there are many others that may meet your needs so contact us if you wish to find out more...

Typically we get asked for a headset that will suit busy users to allow a private hands free conversation whilst simultaneously using the Computer for example. The question here is usually Wired headset or wireless, if wired then does the existing phone have a dedicated headset plug (what type) is an amplifier unit required (some desk phones don't have enough volume to drive a headset) and is the headset to be Monaural or Binaural (one ear or both ears).
If the answer is wireless then is this to move about the office or simply not have cables trying to strangle you at your desk?
There are basically 2 wireless technologies here, each with their pro's etc. The Commonly known Bluetooth headsets are small light and can be used in conjunction with mobile phones as well, but they have a short range 5-10 mtrs. Also they can become problematic if there are other bluetooth devices nearby, so when there are 2 or more BT devices within range we look to the other technology, DECT wireless, much the same as the domestic cordless phone. These headsets have a longer distance they can operate over, more of them can be in the same space, but they won't connect to your Mobile phone typically, and they can tend to be a little larger than their BT cousins.
If you've opted for Wireless the question is then do you want to answer and hang up calls by pressing the button on the earpiece while away from the desk? If so then a handset lifter (mechanical device that sits under the Phones handset) is also required, or if your desk phone is EHS compatible then a special cable connection is used between the phone and headset unit. A few desk phones use the EHS protocol to control the answer/ hang up procedure without using the lifter. At this point we would say to those that feel a $50 corded basic headset is all they need - go to an electronics retail store and see how you get on!!, If you've already done this or want to know more, then click one of the links below for the type of headset you are looking for and send us a contact request for pricing.

Wireless headsets!

Wired Headsets!
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