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Phone Systems
There is a large selection of communications systems to choose from, but the best place to start is with some basics in relation to what you wish your new system to do for you.
Some fundamentals include, what type and how many phone lines do you wish to connect to, Analogue or digital? What type of and how many phone terminals do you want to use at each position?
Do you want an automated greeting? Or a reception point during the day with after hours announcements and message taking?
With voice mail do you want the messages to be delivered to your email address also?

There are different styles of Communications systems available also:-
Analogue - which by they're name connect to analogue phone lines and support analogue style phones.
Digital - which support digital style phone lines (ISDN) and digital phones on the desk.
Hybrid - which support a combination of both of these phone line and phone terminal styles 
Hybrid IP- Which support VoIP phone lines and VoIP phone terminals along with the digital range and analogue range, which provides for probably to most flexible arrangement for existing equipment as well as providing a path to move forward.
Pure IP systems- By it's name supports Voice over Internet Protocol phone lines and phone terminals. These are proving popular in an already developed computer network infrastructure.
Hosted systems-  the phone system functionality is located generally at the providers data center with SIP style Phone terminals delivered to the client and plugged into their computer network. This arrangement can be useful where  each person needs their own phone line, or the staff are not on one site.

So the choices are many and varied. Our job is to approach your requirements in a consultative fashion and provide some advice as to the pros and cons of each of the available options and help with strategies for communications going forward .

We provide several solutions, but one of the most reliable is the range of Panasonic systems.
We deal with most network providers on a regular basis and provide VoIP phone lines on behalf of 2Talk
Phone system
KX-NS700 Hybrid IP System
KX-TES824 Analogue System
Phone system
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