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Structured Cabling - Data Networks
The Data Network (Structured Network) forms the backbone of communications within your business. Don't put up with substandard legacy cabling that looks like a birds nest and functions badly. A well constructed Structured solution should leave a business with the ability to easily patch services to any cabled location with easy to identify labelling. This network also forms the physical connection for not only PC's but phones CCTV , video etc, so with some forethought this network can serve a business for many years and retain a simplicity of management. Contact us for a review.  
What we can do for you :-

A complete Structured Cabling service for your business.
Data Cabling
Voice Cabling
UTP RJ45 outlets
Telecommunications Cabling
Patch Panels
Voice Panels
Patch Lead supply
Telephone Jack Points
Broadband, ADSL
Cat5e. Cat6. Cat6a.
Fibre Optic cabling
Wireless LAN's
Supply & Install Media Convertors & Switches
Structured Cabling systems
Telephone systems
Moves adds and changes
Service support
Warranty available
Data Cabling
Data Cabling
Structured Cabling networks are made up of a number of different components from Patch cabinets to network switches plug outlets and the style of cabling required to meet the businessses specifications. These Items we can supply and install if required.
Data Cabling
Data Cabling
Data Cabling
P and C Business Support
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